One of the greatest joys of the National Pioneer’s Initiative (NPI) lies in recognising the impact that an outward-focused, evangelistic mindset has on the local church. When evangelism becomes the focus, the church itself is often revitalized and energized as a result. One of the sending congregations involved in our NPI on the island of […]

On CV Prayer we recognise that people all over the world experience struggle in many different areas of life; that???s why we take the time every Thursday to pray with and for people online. We believe that time spent in prayer is never wasted and are always grateful to receive testimonies of answers to prayer […]

The CV Africa team recently had the opportunity to spend time with our amazing pioneers on the island of Madagascar, visiting many fledgling churches and ministering to this fearless group of missionaries as they pursue our vision to impact this unique country. We were hugely encouraged by the fruit on their work and the clear […]