My wife and I are NPI pastoral successors in East Timor. Recently, while returning from the funeral of my wife’s father at around 9pm, we were driving through a small town when a group of teenagers stopped to ask us for help. They were desperate because one of their friends was possessed by an evil […]

The term ‘God’ is widely perceived by Chinese people as referring to a mysterious deity of the Western world, or is associated with common superstition. A great many people reject or even rebuke the Gospel. However, when we recently raised some controversial questions about God, it immediately sparked numerous discussions. Joy, a community specialist with […]

A yesHEis App user in Australia had not been active in the App for some time. This period of inactivity triggered an automated in-App notification, in line with our new yesHEis notification strategy. The notification reminded the App user about yesHEis, and empowered them to share their faith with a friend. As a result, they […]

Sanchit* is desperate for God’s intervention. He has suffered a severe loss in his entrepreneurial business. To add to his concern, his two-year-old son is unable to speak or stand. He was devastated and planned to run away from his home and family. Sanchit contacted us through Nayi Manzil, one of the India team’s digital […]