We run on-the-ground initiatives in areas and times of particular opportunity


The National Pioneers Initiative (NPI) is a uniquely effective system of empowering indigenous mission workers to build self-sustaining churches. The NPI vision is to partner with local churches and pioneers to impact nations for Christ through indigenous evangelism and discipleship, resulting in the establishment of sustainable, locally-run churches. CV’s goal is to empower, together with our partners, 10,000 national pioneers who impact nations for Christ across the world. We currently have seven NPI projects in operation across Ukraine, Madagascar, Venezuela, Indonesia, Myanmar and Sri Lanka, with more than 550 pioneers in active service.
Today, almost 106,000 Ukrainian children live in residential institutions, 92% of whom have no hope of adoption or guardianship. The One Hope mentoring program seeks to support these children in their spiritual, relational and emotional development, and has to date provided almost 1,500 institutionalised children with life-changing relational support. At the heart of One Hope is the belief that institutionalised children don’t need gifts or toys as much as they need meaningful relationships. As such, each One Hope mentor cares for one child, whom they visit at least once per week. Our mentors are professionally trained to nurture young lives into a healthy maturity. After working with the Children’s Ombudsman, we were able to pass a bill of Parliament that has legitimised mentoring at a government level, ensuring the ongoing effectiveness of this life-changing project.


Millions of displaced Syrians and Iraqis continue to pour into neighbouring Europe seeking refuge from terror and war. Many of these people are traumatised and home sick, and need help in their mother-tongue to transition into their new lives. Through the EU Refugees project, CV Middle East is sending Arabic-speaking volunteers to work alongside European churches, supporting refugees in camps and on the move with counselling, humanitarian assistance and care. Discipleship & Leadership Development Schools are equipping refugees who have come to know Jesus to grow stronger in their relationship with God. This project is seeing many men and women who were once shattered and angry being changed and healed by the love of God.


Conflict between Muslims and Buddhists in early 2017, along with action by Myanmar security forces, saw more than a million people become refugees, internally displaced, or suffer trauma. Myanmar Care Network (MCN) delivers rehabilitation and reconciliation services in response to the refugee crisis on Myanmar’s border with Bangladesh. The aim of MCN is to see those affected by the conflict positively impacted, physically and spiritually, and rehabilitated from trauma, with reconciliation occurring between conflicting parties.


The Internet Missionary School is a Bible-based training course that aims to equip Christian Arabs with a solid foundation in the scriptures to effectively share their faith online with other Arabs, and give them the ability to address complex theological and cultural issues with confidence.