• Go & Grow

About us

  • Who we are

    We are a global Christian ministry working to reach and touch one billion people around the globe and introduce them to Jesus and encourage them to become His true followers.

    This is the vision Lord Edmiston had for CV when he founded the international charity in the United Kingdom in 1988.

    It’s a vision with a scale that challenges and inspires which is why we are comprised of people with active personal faith and a calling to give time, capability and capacity in service to God, all of whom believe: "what we do" flows out of "who we are".

  • What we do

    ‘Touch-a-Billion’ and ‘Impact-a-Nation’. These are the two strategies of CV and all our activities fall into these two key areas.

    Both contribute to the mission and ministry of ‘The Great Commission' and both directly reflect and contribute in terms of evangelism and discipleship.

    ‘Touch-a-Billion’ uses the internet and mass media to engage people with the message of the gospel and discipleship. ‘Impact-a-Nation’ empowers the Church on the ground in particular nations with strategies and tools they need for evangelism and discipleship. All our actions and decisions within these areas of activity are focused around our two strategic principles of ‘Go’ & ‘Grow’.

  • Go & grow

    Working in unison, these two principles create a natural cycle of evangelism and discipleship leading to sustained Christian growth.

    ‘Go’ focuses on engagement and describes all our proactive missions and evangelism activities. It’s sharing the good news of Jesus directly with the community through creative media and relationship building and empowering the Church with the tools and strategies they need to engage with their local communities.

    ‘Grow’ focuses on empowerment and describes all our ministry and discipleship activities. It’s introducing new Christians to the Church and empowering the Church with the tools and strategies they need to grow their community in Christian maturity.

  • History

    In 1988 successful businessman Lord Edmiston founded CV in the United Kingdom. His vision: To reach one billion people giving them a clear opportunity to choose personal faith in Jesus.

    CV’s first project abroad came in 1994 with an extremely successful Christian radio station in Zambia – Radio Christian Voice. That first step has led to expansion into twenty two countries on six different continents. Most recently, we have launched activities in China, Myanmar, Ukraine and Egypt.

    And now we are going global online with tools like ‘yesHEis’ to help Christians share the Gospel and reach the ‘vision’ of ‘Touching-a-Billion’.

  • Leadership

    Lord Edmiston, Founder & Chair of Trustees
    Lord (Bob) Edmiston founded the UK-based charity in 1988. Believing that wealth acquired through business should be used in Christian ministry, Lord Edmiston continues to fund the charity and actively determines strategic priorities.

    Lady Edmiston, Co-Founder & Trustee
    Lady (Tracie) Edmiston co-founded CV in 1988 and helps determine the overall strategy and direction of the charity.

    Ian Baker, Trustee
    Joining in the 1990’s Ian brings his expertise from the legal profession in support of the overall strategy and structure of the charity.

    Nick Cuthbert, Trustee
    Nick brings experience of church leadership and a passion in helping people come to the faith and assisting churches in finding new ways to engage in missions.

    Stephen Chase, CEO
    As CEO, Stephen is responsible for the day-to-day global leadership of CV and the delivery of its strategic goals.

  • Statement of Faith

    We believe:

    1. The Bible to be the infallible Word of God, that it is His holy and inspired Word, and that it is of supreme and final authority in matters of belief and behaviour.
    2. That there is one God, eternally existent in three persons: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.
    3. In the deity of Jesus Christ who was conceived by the Holy Spirit and born of the Virgin Mary. He led a sinless life, took all humankind’s sins on Himself, died, rose again, and ascended into Heaven. He will return again in power and glory.
    4. That Jesus Christ is the only way of salvation and that, for the salvation of lost and sinful people, repentance of sin and faith in Jesus Christ results in regeneration by the Holy Spirit.
    5. In the present ministry of the Holy Spirit, whose indwelling enables the Christian to live a godly life.
    6. In the resurrection of all people; bringing eternal life to the saved and eternal condemnation to the lost.
    7. In the spiritual unity of believers in our Lord Jesus Christ and that all true believers are members of His body, the Church.
    8. That we, the Church, are responsible for the spread of the Gospel of Jesus Christ throughout the world.


  • Our Projects

    Our ‘Touch-a-Billion’ activities use the most effective media platforms to introduce people to Jesus in the world’s major languages. Our goal is to present a billion people around the world with a clear message of the gospel and an opportunity to make a decision for Christ.

    The forms of communication used include broadcast radio, internet audio and video, social media, apps and mobile media. Each expression seeks to provide a vibrant participation in communities by going where people gather (physically or virtually) to directly and indirectly touch them.

  • yesHEis

    yesHEis is a powerful tool to help Christians share Jesus online.

    We actively search the Internet in order to find the best, most ‘sharable’, good news content available. We then connect this content with an engaging and authentic presentation of the Gospel and an opportunity for the viewer to become a follower of Jesus.

    yesHEis is available in 10 different languages and uses culturally specific content in each region.


    Based in Florida, CVCLAVOZ produces quality and relevant content in Spanish for 18 to 30 year olds. With over 440 affiliates in 25 countries, CVCLAVOZ is the largest Spanish Christian content provider to FM radio stations in the world.

    CVCLAVOZ has also positioned its online content to reach young Hispanics throughout the United States and Latin America. CVCLAVOZ.com is now the third most visited Spanish Christian site with over 55,000 daily unique visitors.

  • zazazu.tv

    zazazu.tv is an online media platform that creates positive and inspiring content for Russian-speaking youth. Made up of video blogs, talk shows and interviews with celebrities, online TV programs are uploaded daily.

    Viewers who have questions about God are encouraged to write in via a response management system. A faithful team of volunteers are prepared to respond to each person offering answers to their questions and prayer for their needs.


    Proactive.fm is a ‘visual’ online radio station for Russian speaking listeners and an integral part of the yesHEis project. It engages with ‘proactive’ youth through Christian content to inspire them to share the Gospel online.

    Proactive.fm visually records everything going on inside the studio during live shows. The audience are invited to engage in live chats with special guests. Live worship concerts with Christian bands are also broadcast from the studio, bringing thousands of people together online.

  • 1Africa

    1Africa is an online magazine designed to showcase the creativity and innovation coming out of Africa.

    This integrated media platform is for vibrant and passionate young adults looking to stimulate and express their cultural interests and their spiritual awareness.

    “Faith in Culture” the tag line, reflects the liberating Gospel message within an African culture and faith in that culture itself, celebrating the fact that great things can be achieved through, and in, Africa.

  • Radio Christian Voice

    Radio Christian Voice is an FM radio station broadcasting across Zambia that aims to ‘touch lives, one by one’.

    Established in 1994, the station was CV’s first own radio project abroad and has continued to grow over the past 20 years.

    With more than 13 weekly programs, listeners can tune in from their cars, homes or workplaces to be entertained, encouraged, and educated.

    Local Church leaders also host special segments and share God’s Word and His promises.


  • Our Projects

    Our ‘Impact-a-Nation’ projects contribute to the overall ‘Touch-a-Billion’ vision as they operate ‘on the ground’ on a national scale in areas and times of particular opportunity.

    Countries where we have started ‘Impact-a-Nation’ activities such as church leadership programs and new church planting projects include the Philippines, Poland, Zambia, Mozambique, Angola and East Timor. More recent projects include work with orphans and missions work under our ‘National Pioneers’ initiative (NPI).

    The overall goal is to build sustainable models for equipping indigenous national Church leaders to undertake evangelism and discipleship and build Christian faith from the ground up.

  • Indonesia

    Our National Pioneers initiative in Indonesia aims to trigger movements to Christ through evangelism and discipleship. This project’s current focus is on the major unreached peoples in the country who are the least reached people in the whole of South-East Asia.

    Despite difficulties with persecution, one of the key achievements is having the highest proportion of pioneers to successors in Indonesia than anywhere else in the world. 

  • East Timor

    CV projects in East Timor include the nation’s most popular private radio station, numerous vocational training schools, the largest computer training school in the country, a preparatory school in conjunction with the local government, and fourteen new churches.

    Despite immense challenges, such as instances of serious threat and physical harm, we have witnessed thousands of local people become new believers in Christ. CV is currently working with Brazilian and Timorese mission partners towards establishing a new national leadership in East Timor. 

  • Myanmar

    CV has nearly 200 pioneers on the ground in Myanmar as part of our National Pioneers initiative. As with other regions, this initiative, aims to trigger a movement to Christ and since 2010 there has been a significant response.

    As Christian evangelism is forbidden in most parts of the country, our primary form of outreach is through supporting the national church leadership with the tools and resources they need to reach and touch their local communities.

  • Ukraine

    There are more than 100,000 orphans in Ukraine and statistics show after leaving orphanages many of them are drawn into drugs, crime or prostitution, become homeless, or commit suicide.

    Our One Hope project seeks to provide mentors for these orphans helping fully prepare them for a life of independence.

    So far we have mentored more than 600 orphans and recruited and trained more than 700 mentors in 14 cities of Ukraine and Belarus.

  • Angola

    With 23 Churches and 5 schools, as well as a bible school and drug rehabilitation centre, thousands of people have come to Christian faith through Christian Vision’s activities.

    Like the successful transition in Mozambique, leadership and management of these activities will be handed to Brazilian missions partners and a national leadership in 2015.

    This new leadership will maintain a relationship with CV continuing to perpetuate our vision, however the project will be fully financially sustainable and run by local leaders.

  • South Sudan

    After decades of conflict and war, South Sudan needs help. In one refugee camp alone there are 80,000 refugees from more than 70 tribes with only two churches.
    Our aim is to establish over 2000 Churches in South Sudan within the next four years.

    Owing to the outbreak of violence in 2013, major work was unable to start on the ground, but preparations, including the crucial work of translating training materials are underway.

Where we work

Get involved

  • Church Partners

    yesHEis in partnership with your Church.

    We invite your Church to ‘share Jesus online’ with yesHEis.com. It’s a powerful tool to help Christians share the Gospel with friends and family who may not have ever heard of Jesus and His good news.

    yesHEis connecting new believers to your Church.

    When we receive messages online from people who want to know more about God or Church communities, we can put them in contact with yours so they can grow in their faith. Contact your regional CV office so that together we can play our parts in the Great Commission.

  • Go & Grow, together

    If you love Jesus and love to share about him with others, you’re already a valuable partner of ours. Together we can ‘Go’ and ‘Grow’ and accomplish The Great Commission by continuing to love God and by sharing His good news.

  • Church Support Networks

    CV can also partner with your Church offline. Our national pioneers and missionaries work closely with many churches, prayer networks and house-church movements around the world. In partnership with us, your Church can help open up opportunities for us to reach out to people who are in need and who have yet to experience God’s love. Contact your regional CV office to learn how we can work together.


  • Marketing Specialist
    North America
    Assist in the development and implementation of effective marketing and communication strategies.

    We are seeking experienced and passionate communicators to support the Marketing Manager in implementing communication and strategy into the region. Other specific responsibilities include managing marketing plans and budgets, implementing, managing and protecting CV brand identities, assisting in the management of CV’s digital communications assets, assisting in the development of new marketing tools and developing and implementing social media strategies as well as engagement, advertising and promotional campaigns.

    Reputation management, story distribution and data reporting are also fundamental parts of this role.

    If you are passionate about reaching this generation with the Gospel email usajobs@cvglobal.co for more information about this position.

  • Finance Manager (Bangalore)
    Asia Pacific
    Supervise Accounts and Administration

    This role involves the overall supervision of Accounts and Administration so having a thorough working knowledge of accounting procedures is essential. You must also be familiar with all government procedures, RBI, MCA, Registrar of Companies, processes, excise and tax procedures, labor laws and Transfer Pricing. We are looking for someone who is efficient and sincere with 15 years of experience in similar positions. Qualifications: CA/M Com/MBA-Finance and HR.

    Kindly send your resume to indiajobs@cvglobal.co

  • Content Manager (Bangalore)
    Asia Pacific
    Manage the content requirements of an active community of Christians and Churches engaged in online evangelism.

    The Content Manager will lead and train teams of staff and volunteers while ensuring that the content functions of yesHEis are operating effectively with respect to the resources, funding and personnel available. More specific responsibilities include:
    ○ Sourcing content – Working with Christian video production professionals or other yesHEis teams to access existing share-worthy content.
    ○ Commissioning content – Working with Christian video production professionals to create content specifically for yesHEis
    ○ Creating content – Managing the production of content for yesHEis (alongside in-house video production teams) 
    ○ Ensuring that the content available on yesHEis is of the highest creative standard
    ○ Producing and managing the Gospel video (the short presentation of the gospel in video format)
    ○ Ensuring all content used on yesHEis does not breach local copyright or intellectual property laws, is used within the terms of its licensing agreements and where original content is produced by or for yesHEis, ensuring the relevant rights and permissions have be sought and retained. 

    We require a minimum of 5 years experience at a national content management level and a minimum 3 year university degree. Experience working with internationally-based organisations would be an advantage. Having a working knowledge of local copyright, intellectual property, licensing agreements, rights and permissions laws for creative content and a deep understanding of the gospel is important. We'd also like you to be perceptive of potential ‘bridges’ between non-Christian culture and the Gospel and have a deep understanding of contemporary non-christian culture. Please send your outstanding portfolio, show-reel or samples of recent work to indiajobs@cvglobal.co.

  • Content Producer (Bangalore)
    Asia Pacific
    Produce inspiring media content that reaches people with the message of Jesus.

    We are seeking experienced creatives who have a passion for producing quality, inspiring content that transforms lives. Assist in pre-production, production and post-production processes and undertake key functional responsibilities such as Cinematography, Lighting, Sound and Set Design. Working knowledge of various types of cameras such as DSLR is required and specialisation in video editing, color grading, animation, titling, motion graphics, visual effects, illustration, graphic designing and NLE softwares is preferred. 3+ years experience required.

    If you are passionate about reaching this generation with the Gospel and think you could fulfil these duties email indiajobs@cvglobal.co for more information about this position.

  • Senior Video Editor (Bangalore)
    Asia Pacific
    Work with our content team in editing and producing life-changing videos

    We are seeking a video editor with 5+ years of experience in editing short films, docudramas and promotional content. Experience in working with a creative team, receiving and executing a creative brief and advanced knowledge of NLE software such as Premiere Pro and Final Cut Pro is desired. Must also be familiar with motion graphic design on software such as After Effects and MotionSolid. Experience in colour-correction and colour-grading as well as short logging and organising rushes using Adobe Prelude also required.

    Please email india@cvglobal.co for more information about this position.

  • Marketing Specialist (Bangalore)
    Asia Pacific
    Implement communication and marketing strategy in India according to CV’s mission and vision

    Support the Marketing and Communications Manager to implement communication and marketing strategy in India according to CV’s mission and vision. Assist in the management and development of CVs digital communications assets including websites, apps, communications and social spaces. Assist in the development and implementation of engagement, advertising and promotional campaigns across digital, search, social and traditional media platforms. Assist in the identification, analysis and reporting on data related to the performance of projects, campaigns, and activities. Work along with a super creative and strategic bunch of global marketers. Kindly send your resume to indiajobs@cvglobal.co.

  • Community Representative
    Asia Pacific
    Assist in building positive relationships with key stakeholders throughout India.

    We are seeking passionate and experienced Church networkers to help us build strong and lasting relationships with the Church, external stakeholders and influencers. Other specific responsibilities include engaging and encouraging the local church to use and promote yesHEis, facilitating discipleship and referral opportunities, promoting CV’s mission, vision and strategy, training partners in online evangelism, organising promotional events and activities, and responding to questions from audiences across a variety of platforms.

    If you are willing to travel, have excellent communication skills in English and are passionate about reaching this generation with the Gospel email indiajobs@cvglobal.co for more information about this position.

  • 内容经理
    Asia Pacific
    China, People’s Republic

    我们正在寻求一位有艺术天赋、充满活力并会流利使用中英文的领导者,审核中国在线福音平台上媒体内容的创建及外部资源的整合。其他职责还包括管理内容制作、组织团队、审查视频内容的表现、提供报告、培训和指导新的内容制作人,以及在有限时间和预算内计划、管理和执行项目。保持最新的版权和知识产权相关法律的知识和理解也是该角色的一个重要内容。如果你有热情向这一代人传播福音的话,请用此电邮和我们联系 china@cvglobal.co 我们会为你提供该职位的更详细的资料。